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    yacib Portable Mp3 v3.6.1.0 (8.92MB)
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  • [1-11-2011] yacib Portable Mp3 v3.6.1.0 Freeware

  • Features

    • mp3 converter
    • mp4 converter
    • audio decoder (convert to wav)
    • mp3 compressor (mp3 resizer)
    • mp4 compressor (mp4 resizer)
    • Metadata read/write
    • yacib FLV MP4 Detector v1.1.0.0
  • Mp3 converter and mp4 converter

    Converts different audio and video file types (see Supported Files) to mp3 or mp4 by "Portable" or "Advanced" mode.

    Portable mode contains presets for saving more space, while advanced mode contains settings for advanced users.

  • Audio decoder (convert to wav)

    Converts different audio and video file types to wav.

  • Mp3 compressor and mp4 compressor

    Resizes your mp3 or mp4 files, this way you can store more music, audio books, ringtones or reduce web traffic. The freeware is designed to compress mp3 or mp4 (resize mp3 or mp4) files with little loss of quality, so you can enjoy the good quality of sound.

  • yacib FLV MP4 Detector

    Detects FLV and MP3 / MP4 files cached by browsers from YouTube or other related websites. Converts detected files into audio (mp3) or video (mp4, avi, mpg, wmv, rm). Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome. Recommended browsers: Internet Explorer and Opera

  • Convert

    mp1 to mp3 mp1 to m4a mp1 to mp4 mp1 to wav
    mp2 to mp3 mp2 to m4a mp2 to mp4 mp2 to wav
    mp3 to mp3 mp3 to m4a mp3 to mp4 mp3 to wav
    wma to mp3 wma to m4a wma to mp4 wma to wav
    ogg to mp3 ogg to m4a ogg to mp4 ogg to wav
    aac to mp3 aac to m4a aac to mp4 aac to wav
    m4a to mp3 m4a to m4a m4a to mp4 m4a to wav
    m4v to mp3 m4v to m4a m4v to mp4 m4v to wav
    mp4 to mp3 mp4 to m4a mp4 to mp4 mp4 to wav
    3gp to mp3 3gp to m4a 3gp to mp4 3gp to wav
    3g2 to mp3 3g2 to m4a 3g2 to mp4 3g2 to wav
    flv to mp3 flv to m4a flv to mp4 flv to wav
    swf to mp3 swf to m4a swf to mp4 swf to wav
    flac to mp3 flac to m4a flac to mp4 flac to wav
    wv to mp3 wv to m4a wv to mp4 wv to wav
    mpc to mp3 mpc to m4a mpc to mp4 mpc to wav
    mp+ to mp3 mp+ to m4a mp+ to mp4 mp+ to wav
    mpp to mp3 mpp to m4a mpp to mp4 mpp to wav
    ape to mp3 ape to m4a ape to mp4 ape to wav
    aiff to mp3 aiff to m4a aiff to mp4 aiff to wav
    aif to mp3 aif to m4a aif to mp4 aif to wav
    aifc to mp3 aifc to m4a aifc to mp4 aifc to wav
    afc to mp3 afc to m4a afc to mp4 afc to wav
    wav to mp3 wav to m4a wav to mp4 wav to wav
  • Supported files

    mp1 - MPEG Layer I

    mp2 - MPEG Layer II

    mp3 - MPEG Layer III

    wma - Windows Media Audio

    ogg - Vorbis

    aac - MPEG 2 AAC

    m4a - MPEG 4 Audio Extension

    m4v - MPEG 4 Video Extension

    mp4 - MPEG 4 AAC(Advanced Audio Coding), ALAC(Apple Lossless Audio Codec), AC-3

    3gp - 3GPP

    3g2 - 3GPP2

    flv - Flash Video

    swf - SWF

    flac - Free Lossless Audio Codec

    wv - WavePack

    mpc - Musepack

    mp+ - Musepack

    mpp - Musepack

    ape - Monkey's Audio

    aiff - Audio Interchange File Format

    aif - Audio Interchange File Format

    aifc - Audio Interchange File Format Compressed

    afc - Audio Interchange File Format Compressed

    wav - Waveform Audio File Format

  • Metadata read/write

    The software can read/write metadata, "Artist", "Title" and other useful data will be saved to the output file.

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